October Program

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Social 6:30 pm | Program 7:00 pm 


Creating Healthy Habitat for People and Wildlife

Presenter: Carmen Simonet

Plants spread, move around, sometimes grow larger than expected or disappear entirely. Learn how to work with the dynamic qualities of plant communities and natural processes to develop beautiful and sustainable gardens. In her presentation, Carmen Simonet will discuss plant selection (including some of her favorites), design layout, and developing landscapes overtime. 

Carmen Simonet is a landscape architect with a passion for creating environmentally friendly landscapes. She is the owner of Carmen Simonet Design LLC and has been in practice for over 25 years. Recent projects include consulting on the landscape design for a conservation development, design of a natural playscape for a child development center, developing an interpretive sign for an urban farm demonstration site, and residential gardens seeking to replace lawn with habitat. Carmen received her BLA and MS in landscape architecture from the University of Minnesota.

And in case you missed it, watch her presentation for our national Wild Ones organization here!


Miss our September program? You can watch it and other past Wild Ones Twin Cities presentations on our YouTube channel!

Angie Hong - Creating Pockets of Habitat with Native Plants | Monthly Presentation Sep 2021 

And in case you missed Doug Tallamy's latest presentation for Wild Ones on the importance of Oaks in our landscapes, you can watch and share it here!


Thanks to everyone who volunteers and visited us at the 

Minneapolis Monarch Festival!

This year Wild Ones had a couple of new publications, Native Garden Design and Gardening for Birds that are beautifully informative.

The Homegrown Habitat Tent was better than ever with Wild Ones Twin Cities, Neighborhood Greening (Leslie Pilgrim’s project, Pollination Press (Heather Holm), Re-Wild (Andy Scott’s landscape business), Soft Landings and Homegrown National Park display and Nokomis Naturescape

Mom and daughter looking at our guest monarch chrysalis. Gave us the opportunity to inspire awe and also address home rearing monarchs "do’s and don’ts” in a friendly way. We emphasis that what monarchs need most is habitat. Plant it! We had a number of Monarch Joint Venture fliers in both Spanish and English to hand out on this and other monarch-related subjects. 

Was indeed a wonder-filled day among good company! Not to mention the music, the art, the environmental/conservation exhibitors, the food, etc.!

BIG THANKS to all who helped that day and have helped garden through this year! We can’t do what we are doing without your volunteer spirit!