December Program from Wild Ones

Join us for a national Wild Ones presentation:

Native Plants, Phytoremediation & Green Infrastructure: How Native Plants Can Be Used to Improve Environmental Quality

by Eric Fuselier

Thursday, December 9th  |  6:00 pm CT

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Learn about how native plants and phytoremediation can be used to improve soil, air and water quality by removing or transforming common environmental contaminants found in urban, suburban and rural settings. The concepts and species discussed in this presentation aren't limited to green infrastructure or large-scale remediation projects: they can be applied to residential, commercial and municipal landscaping projects as well. Learn how to pay attention to surrounding land uses and activities to know how to select species for your next native plant project that will benefit the environment beyond providing habitat for pollinators and wildlife. Topics covered in this presentation will include rain gardens, stormwater management, pesticides, heavy metals, carbon sequestration, outdoor air quality and more!

Wild Ones National Board Member Eric Fuselier is an Environmental Scientist at Olsson where he conducts environmental impact studies and works with civil engineers and landscape architects to minimize the environmental impact from the infrastructure projects they design. Eric chartered the Ozark Chapter in 2020, where he also serves as chapter president. Eric and his wife purchased an illegal dumping ground in northern Arkansas in 2014, and after cleaning it up and building their cabin with help from close friends and family, they have been working to establish native plants to replace all of the trash and invasive species that had taken over before purchasing it. Read more about what inspired Eric to become involved with Wild Ones on his Board bio.

This webinar is free and open to the public.

Registration closes on December 7th at 11:59 p.m. CT.

A webinar link for this event will be emailed to registrants the day of the event.

A recording will be available to the public on Wild Ones YouTube channel soon after the event.

A BIG Thank You to our Wild Ones Twin Cities Membership, Volunteers, and Board Members!

We are grateful for all of your enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment throughout the year in furthering our mission of educating the public about the benefits of preserving and restoring biodiversity of our native plant communities, beginning in our own yards and gardens!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Annual Member Meeting in November!  If you missed it, please take a moment to see the Year in Review slideshow to see all that our chapter accomplished in 2021. 

And we look forward to seeing more of you in 2022!  Please check back here for news about upcoming monthly programs, native garden tours, and volunteer opportunities.

November Membership Meeting

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021


Social 6:45 pm | Meeting 7:00 pm 

Online Meeting  All current Members will be sent an email with the link to join the meeting. 

Not a member? Want to join Wild Ones Twin Cities or renew your membership?  Click here! 

At our November Annual Members Meting, we celebrate our Wild Ones Twin Cities Members, Volunteers, and Board Members.  We will also vote on the executive board officers for 2022.  

Please join us in shaping the future of your chapter!

Please note that this date differs from our usual 3rd Tuesday meeting time, due to a time conflict with a Wild Ones national presentation by Larry Weaner on November 16th. Interested in Larry's webinar. "The Self-Perpetuating Landscape"? Click here to register!


How Does Your Garden Grow? 

A discussion with Kent Petterson

Gardens of Terrace Horticultural Books began in 2001. Our gardening has evolved over the years with more and more emphasis on native plants and their cultivars. The game changer ideas posited by Doug Tallemy in Bringing Nature Home have influenced what we do. In 2019 we turned to the city boulevard in front of 503 St. Clair with the assistance of the State program Lawns to Legumes as administered by Metro Blooms we installed a pollinator garden with great success. This year we continued the effort expanding to the side boulevard. Much has been learned and we will share some of what we have learned along the way. 

Miss our October program? 

You can watch it and other past Wild Ones Twin Cities presentations on our YouTube channel!

Carmen Simonet - Creating Healthy Habitat for People and Wildlife | Monthly Presentation Oct 2021 

And in case you missed Heather Holm's latest presentation for Wild Ones on the importance of Wasps in our landscapes, you can watch and share it here!

Heather Holm - WASPS: Their Biology, Diversity, and Role as Beneficial Insects & Pollinators of Native Plants

And Here are some WOTC Members making the news!

LESLIE PILGRIM, Founder of Neighborhood Greening - Native Gardening in Minnesota: 5 Steps to Take This Fall

Leslie shares five tips for how to get your garden ready for native planting this fall, and to ensure it survives harsh Midwestern winters.

ANDY SCOTT, Owner of ReWild Native Gardens

The traditional turf grass serves its purpose, but there’s a growing interest to restore lawns back to a more native landscape. City of Bloomington Water Resources Specialist Jack Distel has a conversation with one resident about the benefits of meadow lawns.

Bloomington “Earth Action Heroes” 

WOTC Members featured in local newspaper, the Bloomington Briefing (published October 6, 2021):  Andy Scott, Holley Wlodarczyk, Roz Johnson, Liz Stanley, Nathalie Shanstrom & Moira Olson.

October Program

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Social 6:30 pm | Program 7:00 pm 


Creating Healthy Habitat for People and Wildlife

Presenter: Carmen Simonet

Plants spread, move around, sometimes grow larger than expected or disappear entirely. Learn how to work with the dynamic qualities of plant communities and natural processes to develop beautiful and sustainable gardens. In her presentation, Carmen Simonet will discuss plant selection (including some of her favorites), design layout, and developing landscapes overtime. 

Carmen Simonet is a landscape architect with a passion for creating environmentally friendly landscapes. She is the owner of Carmen Simonet Design LLC and has been in practice for over 25 years. Recent projects include consulting on the landscape design for a conservation development, design of a natural playscape for a child development center, developing an interpretive sign for an urban farm demonstration site, and residential gardens seeking to replace lawn with habitat. Carmen received her BLA and MS in landscape architecture from the University of Minnesota.

And in case you missed it, watch her presentation for our national Wild Ones organization here!


Miss our September program? You can watch it and other past Wild Ones Twin Cities presentations on our YouTube channel!

Angie Hong - Creating Pockets of Habitat with Native Plants | Monthly Presentation Sep 2021 

And in case you missed Doug Tallamy's latest presentation for Wild Ones on the importance of Oaks in our landscapes, you can watch and share it here!


Thanks to everyone who volunteers and visited us at the 

Minneapolis Monarch Festival!

This year Wild Ones had a couple of new publications, Native Garden Design and Gardening for Birds that are beautifully informative.

The Homegrown Habitat Tent was better than ever with Wild Ones Twin Cities, Neighborhood Greening (Leslie Pilgrim’s project, Pollination Press (Heather Holm), Re-Wild (Andy Scott’s landscape business), Soft Landings and Homegrown National Park display and Nokomis Naturescape

Mom and daughter looking at our guest monarch chrysalis. Gave us the opportunity to inspire awe and also address home rearing monarchs "do’s and don’ts” in a friendly way. We emphasis that what monarchs need most is habitat. Plant it! We had a number of Monarch Joint Venture fliers in both Spanish and English to hand out on this and other monarch-related subjects. 

Was indeed a wonder-filled day among good company! Not to mention the music, the art, the environmental/conservation exhibitors, the food, etc.!

BIG THANKS to all who helped that day and have helped garden through this year! We can’t do what we are doing without your volunteer spirit!