Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Zoom Social 6:45 pm | Program 7:00 pm
In-Person & Online Meeting

Program is free and open to Wild Ones members and public, registration is required to access meeting.

We are still testing out our hybrid technology, hosting our May Meeting both online and at Wood Lake Nature Center. 

There will be LIMITED SEATING IN-PERSON for this program. If you are interested in attending at Wood Lake, please email us at info@wildonestwincities.org to reserve your spot. 

If you would like to attend on Zoom, please register here.

Living Mulch: An eco-smart technique to replace wood mulch, suppress weeds, retain moisture

Presenter: Kaitlyn O'Connor

Do you wish you could eliminate wood mulch in your gardens? If so, this event is for you! During this presentation, you'll learn more about native plants used as living mulches, including benefits, species selection, implementation, and potential challenges.

"Living mulch," also known as green mulch, is using plants to fill in spaces between other plants. These plants are usually short, spreading ground cover that occupy the lowest herbaceous niche in a garden, a niche that is often occupied by abiotic (wood, rock) mulches in more traditional garden design.

Kaitlyn O'Connor is a native plant enthusiast from the Driftless Region of Minnesota. In her professional role as a Plant Ecologist at ISG, she is responsible for integrating habitat restoration and biodiversity into the built environment to enhance ecological and sustainable design goals. Her past work as an educator and consultant for Prairie Moon Nursery and University of Wisconsin Extension has given her extensive knowledge on conservation, horticulture, native landscape design, and restoration. Outside of her professional life, she considers herself a homesteader and keeps busy with gardening, food preservation, and tending to her small flock of chickens.

And don't forget...

May 17th is also the order deadline for our annual Native Plant Sale!

See our plant sale page for more information about the Themed Collection Flats and additional favorite Wildflowers, Grasses, Shrubs & Trees available for pre-order this year.

All orders must be completed online. Payment is by credit card or check. Checks must be received by Tuesday, May 17th.

And introducing...

Native Garden Designs!

Developed as suggested planting plans for each of our Themed Collection Flats by Wild Ones Twin Cities member Andy Scott, owner of ReWild Native Gardens, LLC, check them out whether you are new to habitat gardening or just want to try something new.

FLAT A • STREET SMARTS — Hot & Dry Boulevard

.5-3’, dry, full sun, Apr-Oct  |  Short, sun-loving plants perfect for boulevard gardens or walkways, and welcoming to a diversity of native bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects.

FLAT B • BUTTERFLY HATCHERY — Host & Nectar Plants

1-6’, moist, full/part sun, May-Oct  |  Host plants support caterpillars that feed on the foliage before metamorphosis, and nectar-rich wildflowers attract adult butterflies.

FLAT C • BIRD & BUMBLE BEE BANQUET — Plants for Forage & Sustenance

1-5’, dry, full/part sun, May-Oct  |  Attract birds and support native Bumble Bees with some of their favorite plants, offering 3 seasons of nutritious pollen, nectar and seeds.

FLAT D • SOFT LANDINGS — Safe Space for Beneficial Insects

1-4’, mesic, part sun/shade, May-Oct  |  Diverse native plantings under trees that provide critical shelter and habitat for one or more life cycle stages of moths, butterflies, bumble bees, beetles and fireflies.

FLAT E • DO IT IN THE SHADE — Woodland Pollinator Garden

.5-4’, mesic to moist, part/full shade, Apr-Sep  |  Support native bees and other pollinators, while a variety of foliage forms and textures add visual interest to shady areas.

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