April Program Meeting

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Zoom Social 6:45 pm | Program 7:00 pm
In-Person & Online Meeting

Program is free and open to Wild Ones members and public, registration is required to access meeting.

We are still testing out our hybrid technology, hosting our April Meeting both online and at Wood Lake Nature Center. 

There will be LIMITED SEATING IN-PERSON for this program. If you are interested in attending at Wood Lake, please email us at info@wildonestwincities.org to reserve your spot. 

If you would like to attend on Zoom, please register here.


Presenter: WOTC 2022 Plant Sale Committee

Which native flowers, grasses, sedges, shrubs and trees are especially valuable for wildlife? Which will thrive in your garden conditions? Learn what to consider with us as we explore highlights from this year’s WOTC plant sale list — and provide suggestions for other great species to accompany them. Find out why and how we began creating themed collection flats, including “Hot & Dry Boulevard” and “Pollinator Shade Garden.” Bring it all together with a few simple design ideas, and get ready to host a diverse feast for your garden’s wild visitors!

Note: PLANTS will be available for pre-order beginning March 28th through May 17th. Check our 2022 plant sale page to learn more.

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These special Spring Tours are MEMBER ONLY events. Please: only one ticket per member (or 2 per household membership). So that many of our members can enjoy these ephemeral walks, please only sign up for one event (either April or May). Thank you.

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Spring Wildflowers in Bloomington's Minnesota River Valley

Mound Springs Park Trail, Bloomington MN

April 10 Bloomington Wildflower Tour Rescheduled for May 1st.

As eager as we all are to see spring wildflowers, this year’s bloom is running a couple weeks late compared to last year.  In light of this delay, we’ve moved the date of our first wildflower walk along Bloomington’s Minnesota River Valley to Sunday, May 1st. from 2:00 pm-3:30 pm.


 If you registered for the April 10th walk but cannot make it on May 1st, please let us know so we can open additional tickets for Wild Ones Twin Cities members. Thank you—and we look forward to walking amongst the wildflowers with you soon!

Join Wild Ones Twin Cities for a guided wildflower walk with Nathalie Shanstrom down the Spur Trail toward Mound Springs Park in Bloomington.

John Crampton, Bloomington historian, will provide background information about the Native Americans, mainly Dakota, who lived along this area of the Minnesota River.

Though the forest is quite degraded, this stretch of the Minnesota River Corridor has a surprising diversity and assemblage of spring ephemerals, including, among others: wild leek, hepatica, Dutchman’s breeches, and even Snow Trillium! Snow Trillium is listed by the DNR as a “Special Concern” species, and is described by Minnesota Wildflowers as “a rare find throughout its range."


  • Snow Trillium
  • Bloodroot
  • Hepatica
  • Dutchman's Breeches
  • Yellow Trout Lily
  • Violets
  • Virginia Waterleaf
  • Wild Leek

The Mounds Spring Spur Trail connects with the Bluff Trail running on the north side of Long Meadow Lake (see map for this and more Bloomington Hiking & Biking Trails).  Please be advised that the trail we'll be following runs along a creek, is unpaved (and at times very uneven), and we'll be walking downhill (and up again).  This trail is also used by bicycles.

WHAT TO BRING:  Wear good hiking shoes, bring water and binoculars if you have them.  Also, if you want to help identify wildflowers and other plants, download the app Seek, by iNaturalist on your iPhone.  It’s a great, free app.  The photos you take contribute to a large Citizen Science database. 

PARK at the intersection of 100th St E and 11th Ave S. 

Spring Wildflowers Nine Mile Creek in Bloomington

Saturday, May 7, 2022, 1:00-2:30 pm

Nine Mile Creek Trail, Bloomington, MN

Participation in this Member-Only tour is limited, so please REGISTER HERE

Join Wild Ones Twin Cities for a guided wildflower walk with Nathalie Shanstrom and other Bloomington WO members along a section of the Nine Mile Creek Trail.  

We will be hiking down to the trail along the creek, stopping at a high meadow overlooking the river.  The terrain down is fairly steep but there are steps.  Hiking is easy along the paved main trail. Nine Mile Creek Trail connects to the Minnesota River unpaved trails.  


  • Bloodroot
  • Canada White Violet
  • Downy Yellow Violet
  • Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  • Hoary Puccoon
  • Marsh Marigolds
  • Nodding Trillium
  • Skunk Cabbage
  • Virginia Waterleaf
  • Wood Anemone

WHAT TO BRING:  Wear good hiking shoes, bring water and binoculars if you have them.  Also, if you want to help identify wildflowers and other plants, download the app Seek, by iNaturalist on your iPhone.  It’s a great, free app.  The photos you take contribute to a large Citizen Science database. 

PARK at Life Church, 2201 W 108th St, Bloomington, MN


Join Us for a Gathering of Wild Ones Friends: Ones We Know and Those We Have Yet to Meet!

Guided Phenology Tour at Dodge Nature Center (West St. Paul) 

Saturday, March 26 • 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 pm

Cost: $10  |  Limited to 35 Attendees - Purchase your ticket HERE

It has been a long time since "Wild Ones" from across the state have gathered! So, let's get together to reconnect, share a hot beverage, take a wonderful phenology hike through Dodge Nature Center's property in West St. Paul and, most of all...have fun! 

Pete Cleary, director of environmental education, will be our guide:

"Egrets blanketed in snow or red-winged blackbirds singing? Maple trees dripping sap or opening flowers? Geese resting on the ice or fighting for nesting territory? The end of March is always a tossup when it comes to the markers that herald the arrival of spring. We’ll explore Dodge to look and listen for ourselves."

Our gathering will begin at 10:30 in the recently restored Olivia Irvine Dodge Library and History Center. We'll have a half hour to mingle, reconnect, and introduce ourselves until Pete begins his tour at 11.a.m. Over the pandemic, naturalists have been taking a deeper look into the phenology at the Dodge property and Pete will share his observations with us as he guides us through the Center's woodlands, wetlands, and restored prairie.

After our 60-90 minute tour, we will reconvene at the Library for light refreshments and more conversation. We have a lot to catch up on. We hope to see you soon!

Note: this event is limited to 35 attendees so please be sure to sign up soon! This event is being hosted by Wild Ones Twin Cities.


Miss our March program? Watch it on our YouTube channel!

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