Wild Ones Twin Cities Donated and Rescued Native Plant Sale

Sale includes native plants donated, rescued or grown by our members. All proceeds go to support Wild ones Twin Cities educational programs.

Twin Cities Chapter of Wild Ones has hosted native plant sales or exchanges for nearly 20 years. Due to current social distancing protocols, this year's donated plant sale is a separate event, limiting number of participants to 3 individuals for each 30 minute time slot.

In addition to a selection of potted native plants, we'll have an abundant supply of Meadow Blazing Star (grown by a member from corms supplied by Minnesota Native Landscapes) and white paper birch logs that add both visual interest and insect habitat to a naturalized landscape.

Please register HERE for a ticket at a time when you will be able to attend
  • Thursday, June 11th from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Friday, June 12th from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Saturday, June 13th from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Plant Sale event is at a private residence in South Minneapolis, only ticketed attendees will be given the address.

Accept check or cash only. If paying by cash, please bring an assortment of small bills so we have minimal physical contact for cash transactions.


Accepting donations between Sunday May 24 and Saturday June 6.

Plants must be potted and labelled with common and botanical name.

If you have plants to donate, please send an email to wotcplantsale@gmail.com to arrange for a drop off appointment.

* indicates some multi packs

4     Common Yarrow •  Achillea millefolium
6 Anise Hyssop (verify) •  Agastache rugosa or foeniculum
3 Nodding Onion •  Allium cernuum
11  Wild Columbine •  Aquilegia canadensis
2 Wild Sarsaparilla •  Aralia nudicaulis
39 Jack in the Pulpit •  Arisaema triphyllum
1 White Sage •  Artemisia ludoviciana 
18 Wild Ginger •  Asarum canadense
7 Swamp Milkweed •  Asclepias incarnata
1 Common Milkweed •  Asclepias syriaca
7     Butterfly Weed •   Asclepias tuberosa
6     Whorled Milkweed •  Asclepias verticillata
1 Wild Senna •  Cassia hebecarpa  (midwest native not local to Minnesota)
3 Coreopsis •  Coreopsis palmata
3 Purple Coneflower (Eastern) •  Echinacea purpurea
4 Boneset •  Eupatorium perfoliatum
2 Spotted Joe-pye Weed •  Eutrochium maculatum
22 Sweet Joe Pye Weed •  Eutrochium purpureum
19 Wild Strawberry •  Fragaria virginiana
7 Wild Geranium •  Geranium maculatum
30 Prairie Smoke •  Geum triflorum
4     Blanketflower •  Gaillardia aristata
6     Sneezeweed •  Helenium autumnale
2 Smooth Oxeye •  Heliopsis helianthoides
8 Prairie Alumroot •  Heuchera richardsonii
8 Virginia Waterleaf •  Hydrophyllum virginianum
3 Jewelweed •  Impatiens pallida (annual)
58 Meadow Blazing Star •  Liatris ligulistylis  (grown from 5 year corms)
21 Gayfeather •  Liatris spicata  (Common Garden Center)
35 Canada Mayflower •  Maianthemum canadense
2 Starry False Solomon’s Seal •  Maianthemum stellatum
6 Bee Balm •  Monarda fistulosa
3     Foxglove Beardtongue •  Penstemon digitalis
9 Mayapple •  Podophyllum peltatum
7 Gray-headed Coneflower •  Ratibida pinnata
5* Brown Eyed Susan •  Rudbeckia triloba
3 Cup Plant •  Silphium perfoliatum
1 Prairie Dock •  Silphium terebinthinaceum (Midwest including W. Wisconsin and N. Iowa)
2 Zigzag Goldenrod •  Solidago flexicaulis
9 Heart-leaved or Blue Wood Aster •  Symphyotrichum cordifolium
6 Smooth Blue Aster •  Symphyotrichum laeve
1    New England Aster •  Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
5* Tall Meadow Rue •  Thalictrum dasycarpum
1* Early Meadow Rue •  Thalictrum dioicum
1 Spiderwort, Long-bracted •  Tradescantia bracteata  (hairy, most common in west)
3 Blue Vervain •  Verbena hastata
3 Culver’s Root •  Veronicastrum virginicum
13 Canada Violet •  Viola canadensis
11 Golden Alexander •  Zizia aurea

1 Ostrich Fern w/Jack in the pulpit •  Matteuccia struthiopteris

3 Big Bluestem •  Andropogon gerardii
1 Sweetgrass •  Anthoxanthum hirtum
1 Oval Sedge •  Carex brevior
4 Fox Sedge •  Carex vulpinoidea

1     Common Elderberry •  Sambucus canadensis
8 Western Snowberry or Wolfberry •  Symphoricarpos occidentalis 

3 Virgin’s Bower •  Clematis virginiana
2     Virginia Creeper •  Parthenocissus quinquefolia

1 Wood Pollinator Garden (Collection from our plant sale)

Background photo credit: Minnesota Native Landscapes

A BIG THANK YOU to Liz Stanley for a great presentation, and to Leslie Pilgrim for managing the Q&A!

Here is the list of resources from Giving Nature a Home, including a species list (in order of appearance).

And here is the complete Q&A from the presentation, where Liz has answered all questions posed during the chat.

I am pleased to announce that Liz's presentation is the first video on Wild Ones Twin Cities' brand new YouTube channel: click here or above to view!

This was our first Zoom meeting, and we appreciate everyone who joined us for this experiment.  We are currently working on how to conduct virtual and/or social distanced native plant garden tours, as well as our Fall Program Schedule.  Please check back here for the most up-to-date information. Thank You!