Wild Ones Twin Cities 
Native Plant Sale Pick-Up is 
Saturday, June 1st, 2019
Noon to 3 pm
4009 Minnehaha Ave SMinneapolis, MN 
(next to Visual Expressions)


Additional native plants donated by WOTC members will be available for sale on Pick-up day.

Keep this in mind as you divide your native plants this spring, and donate extras to help support your local Wild Ones Chapter!  If you would like to donate plants, please label each pot with both the common and botanical names, and bring to the pick-up location above on Saturday, June 1st between 10 am and noon.

If you would like to volunteer
to support Chapter Activities, including our 
• Native Plant Sale, 
• Monthly Meetings, and 
• New Member Welcome Gathering, and more... 



Native Plant Garden Tourss are free and open to the public.

Sunday, July 28, 2019 | Time?
Kathleen Seal
1401 W Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis 

Original biome: wetlands for Lake Harriet
House built in 1961-62 by Jerome & Florence Gray; many of plants up next to the house were planted by them – winged euonymus, hydrangea, Hosta varieties, vinca ground cover, peonies, evergreen shrubs, azalea.
We moved in October 2007, back yard was landscaped, sunburst locust was planted – no concept of native plants, rose bushes added 2009/2010, as a Father’s Day gift.
First mixed native & non-native plant installations: 2012, along 49th street: triangle area (under locust) [mostly non-native: iris, crocus, Japanese grass, etc.] and small raingarden [mostly native] next to landscaping under Ash tree.
Native shrubs planted 2016 – 2 Eastern Sand Cherries, Pussy Willow, High Bush Cranberry
Early 2016, solar panels installed. Late 2016/early 2017 Ash tree cut down.
2017: Expanded raingarden (split existing plants on West side of steps and added Dogwood) and added new garden on East side [laid out by True Nature Design’s Roxanne Schur] - all natives, one cultivar (Little Joe {Pye}), also added more natives to triangle area.
2018: Smother of Creeping Charlie on North plot by Organic Bob, and Metroblooms (partially funded by LYNAS clean water initiative) native planting.
2019 planned: 
• Native ground cover for North plot smother – strawberries, grasses, ginger, pansy
• Eliminate Winged Euonymus, and vinca ground cover gradually while adding native ground covers.
I tend to plant impulsively – just drop things into the ground and see how they do.  


Wednesday, August 14 | Time?
Corcorcon Pollinator Garden Walking Tour

Check back soon for more details!


Are you a member of a Minnesota Wild Ones Chapter? 
Join us for a
on Saturday, August 10th
at the Bush Lake Izaak Walton League
7515 Izaak Walton Rd W, Minneapolis, MN 55438

Check back soon for more details!


Thursday, July 25th | 5 pm to 8 pm
Lyndale Park Gardens | 1300 W 42nd St, Minneapolis

Join us for the Pollinator Party at Lyndale Park Gardens on the east side of Lake Harriet. The Pollinator Party brings together bees, scientists, beekeepers, food, and live music. This annual event also provides an opportunity for people of all ages to celebrate the life and work of honey bees and native bees. The party will be near the Perennial Garden and the Phelps Fountain (also known as the Turtle Fountain). This event is free. Food and beverage will be available for purchase from Taco Taxi. Live music performances by Lovers on the Balcony, and Mississippi Hot Club.
  • Learn about honey bees and urban bee keeping
  • Discover the life cycles of honey bees and wild bees – and sample Minnesota honey
  • Kids can earn a cone of ice-cream made with honey
  • Discover the wild bees of the park – help catch, identify, and release bees
  • Engage in Art in the Park with the Mia (Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
  • Meet the 2019 American Honey Princess
  • Dance with Bee Love
  • Learn about skin care from bee products with Worker B
  • Get honey recipes from MN Honey Company
  • Learn to stay calm around bees with the MN DNR’s Biological Survey
  • Learn where your honey comes from with the MN Honey Producers Association
  • Learn how to protect bees and other beneficial insects with Pollinator Revival
  • Picnic in the Park with food from Taco Taxi

Saturday, September 7th | 10 am to 4 pm
Monarch Festival
Lake Nokomis & Nokomis Naturescape | 49th St and Woodlawn Blvd, Minneapolis

This year’s Monarch Festival will occur on Saturday, September 7, 2019, from 10 am to 4 pm.  The Festival celebrates the monarch butterfly amazing 2,300 mile migration from Minnesota to Mexico with music, food, dance, hands-on art, native plant sales and plenty of opportunities to get up close with monarch butterflies, learn about their habitats, and what you can do to make a difference.