August Newsletter


Summer Tours: Wrap up the summer by visiting native plant gardens in Southwest Suburbs, August 9 and South Minneapolis,  August 15.

Fall 2015 Programs:
September 15 | Communities Gone Wild: Cultivating Native Landscapes Across the Twin Cities Metro | Panel

October 20 | Dwindling Numbers of an Iconic Insect: A Conservation Biologist Ponders Moving Beyond the Documentation of Declines | Karen S. Oberhauser, PhD
November 17 | Seeds for Education, Potluck and Annual Meeting

Spring 2015 Program Meeting Notes: Miss a meeting last spring? Twin Cities Chapter August newsletter has comprehensive summaries of March through May meetings. 

  • March | Pollinator Revival: Impact of Harmful Pesticides, Managing our Landscapes to Provide Healthy Habitat for Pollinators | Marilyn D. Jones & Julia Vanatta
  • April | 3rd Annual Native Plant Table Topics | Table Hosts: Paul Erdmann, Heather Holm, Erik Olsen, Douglas Owens-Pike, Carmen Simonet & Roxanne Stuhr
  • May | Crex Meadows Visitors Center - Native Plant Management | Dr. Alan Roelfs & Kim Wheeler