Next Meeting November 18, 2014

Annual Potluck, Election of Officers, and Presentation

Celebrate our local Wild Ones community by sharing food, electing officers for 2015 and listening to the presentation Working for Water.

Please bring a dish to share. If you can, come early to help set-up or stay late to help clean-up. Looking forward to seeing you at this favorite fall program!

Working For Water
Speaker: Peggy Knapp, Freshwater Society
Non-point source pollution is the single greatest threat to the health of Minnesota’s waters. Everything on city streets flows to our water- bacteria, salt, litter, sediment, fertilizer. Increasingly large volumes of polluted runoff reach our lakes and rivers faster, carrying ever larger pollutant loads, and causing flooding downstream. Reducing urban runoff is a watershed-scale problem that requires a whole-community effort.  In 2012, the Freshwater Society partnered with Minnehaha Creek Watershed District to launch the Master Water Stewards program. Funded by a Clean Water Grant, the Master Water Stewards program recruits, educates and certifies community leaders who work to increase water infiltration on private properties an educate neighbors about practices, and decisions that reduce runoff.  In this presentation, Peggy Knapp will lead an exploration of a variety of ways we can all work for water.

Peggy Knapp is the Director of Programs at the Freshwater Society, where she oversees civic engagement initiatives, including the Master Water Stewards program.

Tuesday, 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm
(socializing and setup begins at 6:30 pm)