New Chapter Forming for the West Metro

Wild Ones is forming a new chapter in the west metro of the Twin Cities, MN

Organizational Meeting Press Release
To anyone who's noticed that the only thing moving in most landscapes is a lawnmower, it may be time to consider growing a natural and native landscape.  While learning about native plants and the restoration of native landscapes is fun, getting started and keeping going usually works better if you're not all alone.

If you're interested in a great alternative to the all-American lawn, attracting more birds and other wildlife to your lawn, and learning to recognize and eradicate invasive alien plant species, you are invited to attend a meeting to organize a local chapter of Wild Ones Natural Landscapers (Wild Ones).

Time: 6:30 p.m.
Date: Wednesday, October 9 
Location: Chanhassen Library 
7711 Kerber Avenue Chanhassen Minnesota.

More Information About the Meeting Times & Programs

Wild Ones member help and learn from each other - beginners and experienced member alike - about identifying native (and invasive) plants, creating natural landscapes, protecting threatened native species, dealing with "weed ordinances" and a lot more.

Members plan monthly educational chapter meetings, field trips, and presentations by experts in the field of native plants and natural landscaping.  Chapters are supported by a national organization, and each member receives handbooks related to natural landscaping along with a bimonthly publication, the Wild Ones Journal.

Wild Ones began in 1979, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and became a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation in 1990.  With approximately 50 active chapters, Wild Ones has approximately 3,500 members across the United States and Canada.  See web site at for more information.