Meeting Reminder: Tuesday April 17, 2012

Playing Garden Defense: Adaptive Strategies for Beating Minnesota Weather
Speaker: Fran Kiesling

Minnesota weather has always been a bit wild, but in recent years weather patterns from the past are no longer reliable templates for future seasons. What can Minnesotan's do to create beautiful, ecological, weather-resilient gardens?

Fran will look at the "big five" weather conditions affecting Minnesota landscapes ‒heat , precipitation, wind, humidity, and cold. Easy-to-use design ideas that strengthen a garden’s ability to "bounce back" from stress are introduced and strategies for combating extreme weather are also discussed.

Participants will leave with concrete methods to improve the adaptability of their gardens as well as a top ten list of weather-resilient native plants.

Fran Kiesling, Environmental Praxis Coaching, Inc. Fran Kiesling is a professionally trained, experienced garden coach, landscape designer, and environmental educator who works with homeowners to improve the ecological functioning of their properties. She enjoys working with native plants and creating landscapes that support wildlife and beneficial insects. Fran can be reached at 612-722-7596 or

Wood Lake Nature Center, Richfield, MN
7 pm, socializing begins at 6:30 pm