Bare Root Clinics & Nokomis Naturescape Native Plant Gardening Learn-Along

 Bare Root Clinic and Workshop | Through June 11th

We invite you to register and attend one of our upcoming Bare Root Study and Demonstration Clinics. All events will be at the home of instructor unless otherwise noted.*

Participants are asked to bring one to three plants from your garden to practice on*. Remove only excess soil, transport plants in a large container, such as a 5 gallon pail or storage tub. We'll finish removing the soil from roots as part of the workshop. Any plants you bring must be completely contained when you arrive so as not to spill any soil. If you think you may have live worms, use a container with a tight lid.

You will receive additional instructions and address via email from  Each clinic is limited to 5 persons, protocols for masks and social distancing will be adhered to. Date will be cancelled in the event of severe weather or if fewer than 3 persons have registered. A text or voice mail message may be sent if cancellation is on short notice.

The Nokomis Naturescape Gardeneers have a new program in 2021:  Native Plant Gardening Learn-Along. 

This is a mentoring opportunity where people newer to native plant habitat gardening can learn-alongside an experienced gardener (most Wild Ones Twin Cities members) with a couple of others. We’ll do the gardening chores that present themselves that week plus learn more about the plants and animal visitors (usually very small) we encounter.  Learn-along the growing season topics will be presented at the beginning of each session. These 15-30 minutes presentations will then be followed by hands-on gardening time. Just show up or email for more info.

Click HERE for 2021 Naturescape gardeneering and program dates.