11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Welna II Hardware, on the boulevard
2201 E Franklin, Minneapolis 


Twin Cities Wild Ones

Native Plant Garden Tours 


10:00 am 
Donna’s House, Front and back
4341 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis 
click here for map

Cabin retreat in the city, includes patio, woods, sunny meadow, food production in containers integrating into sunny meadow..

DESIGN BY TRUE NATURE DESIGN ROXANNE STUHRRoxanne is a certified member of the Minnesota Landscape and Nursery Association, member of Wild Ones / Sierra club

11:15 am 
Sandra’s House, Front and Back
4604 Aldrich Ave S, Minneapolis
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Sandra will talk about her native yard in transition (below). She has native trees and shrubs in a tiny back yard (river birch, pagoda dogwood, white snowberry, glossy black chokeberry and bush honeysuckle.) Two rain gardens and boulevard garden in front.  Sandra is a member of Twin Cities Wild Ones and Master Naturalist. 

June 28, 2017 WEDNESDAY

4:00-5:00 pm   
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
2522 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis
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We will learn about the living laboratory on the Mississippi cooled by geothermal and powered by solar.    
Meet at 3:45 in learning center 5-8 free canoe rides on river. 

July 12, 2017 WEDNESDAY

3804 Cedar Lake Place, Minneapolis click here for map
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Guide: Douglas Owens Pike, Beautifullysustainable.com
Guest Peter Original Designer of Cedar Meadows Restoration
Come be inspired!
Here’s an opportunity to see early stage of entry transformation from standard, non-native invasive shrubs to all native shrubs, forbs, and grasses. A client of Douglas Owens-Pike, whom he’s worked with since 1997 at another site (2324 Oliver), the back yard of this new site was graded for lawn inside the fence.  Outside are rough piles of fill, including exposed chunks of concrete, colonized by boxelder.  Yet, there are gems like a clump of wahoo that survived the fill and a drainway dug next to it.  We’ve been working to restore native diversity into this industrial waste for the past several years. 
Hoping to stop at nearby wetland restoration between France Ave. and Cedar Lake.  An area that had been mowed lawn is now filtering street runoff that had been polluting the Minneapolis chain of lakes.  Water clarity dramatically improved in just a few years following the installation of the wetland natural filtration system in 1996.
“Public education campaigns have seen an over 50 percent reduction in pesticides in stormwater runoff from the contributing watershed. Alum treatments have locked up the accumulated historical phosphorus in lake sediments and treatment ponds have resulted in the reduction of new phosphorus loading into the system. Stormwater treatment ponds range from a 25 percent removal rate to a 66 percent removal rate and measurable changes have been seen in a relatively short period of time.” 
See more about this project at the Minnesota Stormwater Manual.

For more information on native plant garden tours, please call Jan Coleman (612) 804-2086 or Jim Coleman (612) 804-1307


Special thanks to everyone who participated in our annual native plant sale!


In remembrance of extraordinary Wild Ones member and Nokomis Naturescape Gardeneer KRIS MARTINKA, who passed away on May 24th and will be missed greatly by us all.