June Summer Garden Tour

Wild Ones Twin Cities Native Garden Tour
Free and open to the public

Saturday June 2nd 11 am - 1 pm 
Hannah Texler a regional ecologist with the DNR will guide all three tours.

Location: Horton Park, St. Paul
The tour will begin at Horton Park in St. Paul, at the corner of Hamline and Englewood, where there is plenty of on-street parking. From there you may walk or drive to the residential gardens a few blocks away.

The Gardens: 
Hannah Texler and Stephanie Hankerson established community wildflower gardens at Horton Park in 2000 with the support of the city and the help of neighbors and volunteers, and still maintain them today. 

There are three gardens; one each of woodland, oak savanna and a very small prairie garden. The park also contains new plantings of over 70 trees and shrubs serving as a mini-arboretum. The private gardens at 1379 Lafond Avenue and the two houses to the west include three adjacent boulevard gardens with their own personalities – one all native prairie plants under a new bur oak, and the other two a mix of native and non-native species.

Two of the homes have back yards that have replaced all lawn with gardens. The tour will include Hannah and Mike’s back yard, which is a mix of a large prairie garden, small shade gardens, a rain garden, and a vegetable garden, with all plants in the yard either native or edible.

Start or end your tour with a stop at The Landscape Revival: Native Plant Expo and Market takes place just 3 miles away from 9 am - 3pm. This is a great opportunity to learn about and buy native plants from over 20 participating organizations (including Wild Ones and 11 native plant retailers)

Map to Horton Park and Landscape Revival:
More information on the Landscape Revival