Pasque Flowers Blooming at Goat Prairie Remnant in Bloomington

Interested in seeing Pasque Flowers in bloom in the metro area?

Visit the Goat Prairie Remnant in Bloomington, 2201 West 108th Street. The prairie is located behind the Life Church on the south side.

Click here for map and directions

Park in Life Church Parking Lot
Walk around the right side of the building to the rear and follow the sidewalk along the back of the building.

Go downhill along the right side of the baseball field, staying close to the woods along the right edge past the wooden stairs on the right. At the back right corner of the field, there is a dirt path that turns off to the left. The path goes downhill and back up again.  At the top of the hill is the patch of prairie where the pasque flowers grow.  They are mostly on the right side of the path. The bench along the path marks the end of where they grow.

Remember to take your camera but leave the plants where you find them!