Twin Cities Chapter leadership is composed of 100% volunteers, and we can always use more help! We encourage our members to step up and become active whether only for a few hours a year or for a leadership position.

Nokomis Naturescape
Wild Ones Naturescape Gardening Sessions
Join the Nokomis Naturescape Gardeners at beautiful Lake Nokomis! Gardeneers (pioneering, volunteering gardeners) meet Tuesday Evenings between 5/6 to 7/8 from May through the end of the growing season (September/October). Show up when you can - all work is appreciated. Since 2002, Wild Ones Twin Cities Chapter has helped maintain the three prairie gardens located at the 4-acre Nokomis Naturescape, 5001 E Lake Nokomis Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55417. These unique demonstration gardens, installed in 1998, are designed to encourage people to plant native species to live up their own yards. We often receive kudos from passersby and share native plant information. Connections like this spread the word of the many benefits native plants give to our environment and how they enhance the Lake Nokomis ecosystem. for more information contact Vicki at vbonk@usiwireless.com or call 612-232-8196. Get on our email list for current updates. Follow us on Facebook for timely reports of what's in bloom and more. https://www.facebook.com/NokomisNaturescape/ 
For more information check out our yearly calendar: 2018 calendar!

Horton Park Native Plant Gardens
W. Minnehaha Ave at Hamline Ave N, St. Paul
Native oak savanna, shade, and prairie gardens planted by volunteers with the support of the St. Paul Parks Department.
Call Hannah at 651-644-6790 for more information.

Other opportunities include:
  • Greet members and guests as they arrive at our meetings
  • Staff a chapter sponsored event or outreach booth
  • Visit a new member's garden and share your native plant gardening experience
  • Contribute a story or article to the newsletter
  • Become a spokesperson for Wild Ones
  • Join, co-chair or lead one of our chapter committees
If you are interested, please call Bill Blood at 612-722-4172

Each of us has a favorite nature center or community garden near our home. We encourage Wild Ones members to become active in volunteering for plantings, maintenance and annual clean up events locally.

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Adopt a storm drain
  • Adopt a spot at a local park
  • Help plant a native garden at your local school
  • Coordinate a community Buckthorn pull