Plant Sale 2017


Our 11th Annual Native Plant Sale offered 5 collections and 16 individual favorites for pre-order. Additional native plants donated by members will be for sale on Pick-up day. Keep this in mind as you divide your native plants this spring, and donate extras to help support your local Wild Ones Chapter!

If you will be donating native plants from your garden for the 2017 plant sale, please label each pot with both the common and Latin names, or email Holley Wlodarczyk with that information by Saturday, May 20th.

Click here for the 2017 WOTC Plant Sale Order Form.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

You can submit your order and payment at the meeting tonight at Wood Lake Nature Center (6:30-8:30 pm),
or drop it off today at Welna II Hardware, 2201 E. Franklin, Minneapolis between 8 am and 6:45 pm today, Tuesday May 16th.


Sunday, May 21, 2017 • from Noon to 3 pm


4009 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis (next to Visual Expressions)

If you cannot make the scheduled pickup, please call our message center at 612-293-3833 or send an email to our sale coordinator,

2017 collections and individual plants:

Five Native Plant Collections


48 plants—6 pack of 8 species
Host plants to several native MN butterflies
Medium tall plants, 24”-48”
Dry to moist soil
Full to partial sun

SWAMP MILKWEEDAsclepias incarnata
Sun/PtShade, Med-Wet, 4’, Jun-Aug, Pink — host plants to Monarch
WILD BLUE INDIGOBaptisia australis
Sun/PtShade, Med, 4’, May-Jul, Blue — host plants to Wild Indigo Duskywing
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, Jul-Sep, Purple — host plants to Clouded Sulfur & Eastern Tailed Blue  
SHOWY TICK-TREFOILDesmodium canadense
Sun/PtShade, Med, 5’, Jul-Aug, Purple — host plants to Hoary Edge 
WILD LUPINELupinus perennis
Sun/PtShade, Dry, 2’, May-Jul, Purple — host plants to Karner Blue
BLACK-EYED SUSANRudbeckia hirta
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Wet, 2’, Jun-Oct, Yellow — host plants to Silvery Checkerspot
SMOOTH BLUE ASTER — *Symphyotrichum laeve
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Wet, 4’, Aug-Oct, Blue — host plants to Pearl Crescent 
Sun/PtShade, Med, 3’, Apr-Jun, Yellow — host plants to Black Swallowtail


48 plants—6 pack of 8 species
Adult food plants for several native MN butterflies
Medium tall plants, 24”-48”
Dry to moist soil
Full to partial sun

FRAGRANT HYSSOPAgastache foeniculum
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 3’, Jul-Sep, Purple — attracts pollinators, aromatic
BUTTERFLY MILKWEEDAsclepias tuberosa
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, Jun-Aug, Orange — Monarch magnet, Monarch host plant
PURPLE CONEFLOWEREchinacea purpuea
Sun/PtShade, Med, 4’, Jul-Sep, Purple — adult food source
MEADOW BLAZINGSTARLiatris liguilistylis
Sun/PtShade, Med, 5’, Aug-Sep, Purple — adult food source, Monarch magnet
WILD BERGAMOTMonarda fistulosa
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Wet, 4’, Jul-Sep, Purple — adult food source
STIFF GOLDENRODSolidago rigida
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 4’, Aug-Oct, Yellow — attracts pollinators
NEW ENGLAND ASTER — *Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
Sun/PtShade, Med-Wet, 5’, Aug-Oct, Purple — adult food source
HOARY VERVAINVerbena stricta
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, Jun-Sep, Blue — adult food source


48 plants—6 pack of 8 species
Hot, dry boulevards and walkways
Short plants, 12”-24”
Dry to medium soil
Full to partial sun

Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 1.5’, Jul-Aug, Purple — attracts pollinators
BUTTERFLY MILKWEEDAsclepias tuberosa
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, Jun-Aug, Orange — Monarch magnet, Monarch host plant
CREAM WILD INDIGOBaptisia bracteata
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, May-Jun, Cream — legume
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, Jun-Sep, White — attracts pollinators, legume
PRAIRIE SMOKEGeum triflorum
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 1’, May-Jun, Pink — good groundcover, fall color
PATH RUSHJuncus tenuis
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 1’, Jun-Sep — tolerates draught, compacted soils, light foot traffic
SHOWY BEARDTONGUEPenstemon grandiflorus
Sun/PtShade, Dry, 2’, May-Jun, Purple — attracts pollinators
SILKY ASTER — *Symphyotrichum sericeum
Sun/PtShade, Dry, 1’, Sep-Oct, Purple — attracts pollinators


48 plants—6 pack of 8 species
Prairie pollinator collection
Medium tall plants, 24”-48”
Dry to medium soil
Full to partial sun

RATTLESNAKE MASTEREryngium yuccifolium
Sun, Med, 4’, Jul-Sep, White — attracts pollinators
WESTERN SUNFLOWERHelianthus occidentalis
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 3’, Jul-Sep, Yellow — attracts pollinators and birds
ROUGH BLAZINGSTAR — Liatris aspera 
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 3’, Jul-Oct, Purple — attracts pollinators
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 5’, Jul-Sep, Yellow — attracts pollinators
SLENDER PENSTEMONPenstemon gracilis
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, May-Jul, Purple — attracts pollinators
LITTLE BLUESTEMSchizachyrium scoparium
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 3’, Jul-Oct, Blue-Green — draught-tolerant, winter interest
SHOWY GOLDENRODSolidago speciosa
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 5’, Aug-Oct, Yellow — adult food source  
AROMATIC ASTER — *Symphyotrichum oblongifolium 
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, Jul-Sep, Purple — attracts pollinators


48 plants—6 pack of 8 species
Full season woodland collection
Mixed height plants, 12”-48”
Medium to moist soil
Full to partial shade

WILD RED COLUMBINEAquilegia canadensis
Sun-Shade, Dry-Med, 2’, Apr-Jun, Red — attracts pollinators
LONG-BEAKED SEDGE — Carex sprengelli 
Sun-Shade, Med, 2’, May-Jun — attracts pollinators
Sun/PtShade, Med-Wet, 5’, Jul-Sep, Cream — attracts pollinators
LARGE-LEAVED ASTER — *Eurybia macrophylla
PSun-Shade, Dry-Med, 1’, Aug-Oct, White — attracts pollinators, rhyzomatous
JACOB’S LADDERPolemonium reptans
Sun-Shade, Med, 1’, Apr-Jun, Blue — deer resistant
CUT-LEAF CONEFLOWERRudbeckia laciniata
Sun-Shade, Med-Wet, 2’-7’, Jul-Oct, Yellow — attracts pollinators
ZIGZAG GOLDENRODSolidago flexicaulis
PSun-Shade, Med-Wet, 3’, Aug-Oct, Yellow — attracts pollinators
TALL BELLFLOWERCampanula americana
PSun-Shade, Med, 5’, Jul-Oct, Blue — attracts pollinators  


FAVORITES — Individual Pots

FORBS  (3.5” pots — $4 each)

WHORLED MILKWEEDAsclepias verticillata
Sun/PtShade, Med-Wet, 2’, Jul-Sep, White — attracts pollinators, rhyzomatous, Monarch host plant
COMMON BONESETEupatorium perfolatum
Sun/PtShade, Med-Wet, 4’, Jul-Sep, White — attracts pollinators
GREAT BLUE LOBELIALobelia siphilitca
PSun-Shade, Dry-Med, 5’, Jun-Jul, White — attracts pollinators
UPRIGHT CONEFLOWERRatibida columnifera
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 3’, Jun-Aug, Yellow — attracts pollinators  

GRASSES/SEDGES  (3.5” pots — $4 each)

SIDE-OATS GRAMABouteloua curtipendula
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 2’, Aug-Sep, Purple/Orange — attractive seed formation, host for Skippers
PORCUPINE SEDGECarex hystericina
Sun, Med-Wet, 3’, June — food source for insects and waterfowl
INDIAN GRASS Sorghastrum nutans
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 6’, Aug-Sep — attracts pollinators & wildlife, fall color
PRAIRIE DROPSEEDSporobolus heterolepis
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 3’, Aug-Oct — showy fountain-like prairie grass 

WOODLAND  (#1 pots — $8 each)

WILD GINGER — Asarum canadense
Shade, Med-Wet, 6”, Apr-Jun, Red — rhizomatous, aromatic, groundcover  
MAIDENHAIR FERNAdiantum pedatum
Sun-Shade, Med-Wet, 2’, Jun-Aug — rhizomatous, finely textured
ROYAL FERNOsmunda regalis
PSun-Shade, Wet, 3’-6’, Jun-Aug — rhizomatous, acidic soils, largest MN fern
LARGE-FLOWERED TRILLIUM — Trillium grandiflorum
PSun-Shade, Med-Wet, 1’, Apr-Jun, White — woodland favorite

SHRUBS  (#1 pots — $8 each)

LEAD PLANTAmorpha canescens
Sun/PtShade, Dry-Med, 3’, Jun-Aug, Purple — attracts pollinators, legume
RED-OSIER DOGWOOD — Cornus sericea
Sun/PtShade, Med-Wet, 6’-12’, May-Jul, White — berries, winter interest

LARGE SHRUBS  (#2 pots — $25 each)

SHADBLOW SERVICEBERRYAmelanchier canadensis
Sun-Shade, Med, 15’-20’, Apr-May, White — showy, fruiting, bird magnet, fall color
AMERICAN HAZELNUTCorylus americana
Sun/PtShade, Med-Wet, to 8’, April, Pink — high wildlife value

* new botanical name

Images on this page courtesy Minnesota Wildflowers (Katy Chayka, Peter M. Dziuk), Illinois Wildflowers and Go Botany: New England Wildflower Society, Missouri Botanical Society, Friends of the Wildflower Garden, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (Sally and Andy Wasowski, R.W.Smith Collection), and chapter members Vicki Bonk and Julia Vanatta.

PLEASE NOTE: Species may be substituted if there is a crop failure.
All flat and plant reservations will be accepted in the order they are received.
We suggest you make a note of everything you have ordered for reference as you design your garden. Please use the Order Form when placing your order. Thank you.



Be sure to check out our beautiful and durable native plant signs at the plant sale and at all chapter meetings!

Individual signs are $3 each.
Set of 25 is $69 (2 free!)

Signs available in 2017 include:

Alumroot - Heuchera richardsonii
Aromatic Aster - Symphyotrichum oblongifolium
Blue Vervain - Verbena hastata
Brown Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia triloba
Butterflyweed - Asclepias tuberosa
Common Milkweed - Asclepius syriaca
Culver's Root - Veronicastrum virginicum 
Cup Plant - Siliphium perfolatum
Field Pussytoes - Antennaria neglecta
Giant Hyssop - Agastache foeniculum
Golden Alexander - Zizia aurea
Grey Headed Coneflower - Ratibpda pinnata
Heath Aster - Symphyotrichum ericoides
Indian Grass - Sorphastrum nutans
Jack-in-the-Pulpit - Arisaema triphyllum
Jacob's Ladder - Polonium reptans
Lady Fern - Authyrium Filix-femina
Large Flowered Beardtongue - Penstemon grandifloras
Large Leaved Aster - Eurybia macrophylla
Little Bluestem - Schizachyrium scoparium
Meadow Blazingstar - Liatris ligulistylis
Maidenhair Fern - Antiantum pedatum
New England Aster - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
Obedient Plant - Phystostegia virginiana
Ohio Spiderwort - Tradescantia ohiensis
Pale Purple Coneflower - Echinacea pallida
Pasque Flower - Anemone patens
Pennsylvania Sedge - Carex pennsylvanica
Plantain Pussytoes - Antennaria planagenifolis
Prairie Coreopsis - Coreopsis palmate
Prairie Dropseed - Sporobolum heterolipis
Prairie Phlox - Phlox pilosa
Prairie Smoke - Geum triflorum
Purple Prairie Clover - Dalea pupurea
Rattlesnake Master - Eryngium yuccifolium
Showy Goldenrod - Solidago speciosa
Side Oats Gramma - Bouteloria curtipedula
Sneezeweed - Helenium autumnale
Solomon's Seal - Polygonatum pubescens
Starry False Solomon's Seal - Similacina stellate
Stiff Goldenrod - Solidago rigida
Swamp Milkweed - Asclepius incarnata
Sweet Joe Pye Weed - Eutrochium purpureum
Wild Bergamot - Monad sistulosa
(Red) Wild Columbine - Auquilegia Canadensis
Wild Geranium - Geranium maculatum
Wild Ginger - Asarum canadense
Wild Petunia - Ruellia humilis



Native plants were here long before lawnmowers, sprinklers and garden chemicals. Once established, plants native to this region are low maintenance and do not require care typically associated with gardens. Native perennials build a strong, deep root system before focusing on the production of leaves, stems and flowers, resulting in plants that are sturdy and drought tolerant. Native plants are beautiful, and provide food and shelter for wildlife including butterflies, dragonflies, pollinators and birds.


It is important to match species requirements with the site features such as soil type, light conditions, moisture and drainage for the planting to be successful.


You can start now! Proper site preparation gives your plants a great head start. Removal of competitive weeds and grasses must be accomplished before planting begins. One option: cover the area with 10-15 layers of newspapers to block out sunlight. Saturate the newspaper with water to prevent it from blowing away, then apply a clean shredded mulch or compost. Later, after the newspaper has softened but is damp, punch holes in it and insert your new plants.


Flats include 6-packs, and have been designed to cover about 30 to 45 square feet, depending on flat selected. Plants should be spaced 12-18 inches apart as most will spread out as they mature. A good rule of thumb: One plant per square foot. Species may be substituted if there is a crop failure.


Wild Ones, Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, is a national non-profit organization that informs and teaches people how to use native plants in their landscapes. Wild Ones distinguishes itself from other garden organizations by encouraging gardening with native plants and moving away from the use of chemicals, watering, excessive mowing and other practices commonly used by traditional gardeners.


Support Wild Ones educational programs by joining our organization. Include a check for $37 with your plant sale order (a separate check from the check for your plant order). Your membership fee is also a tax deductible donation. For more information, visit